Year 6

What irresistible learning looks like in Year 6

Welcome to the world of Year 6, where learning is exciting and provides many opportunities for new responsibilities; our students proudly take the lead as playground buddies, lunchtime mentors and esteemed house captains.

Dive into our curriculum, and you'll discover a tapestry of thrilling topics that ignite young minds; from the gripping tales of WW2 to the legendary exploits of Vikings and Anglo-Saxons. And through our 'Survival' topic, our students learn about the skills and knowledge to survive in extreme environments!

In the world of science and computing, students delve into electrical circuits and embark on coding projects with Micro-bits. Meanwhile, creatively, they craft their very own Anderson Shelters and draw inspiration from the masterpieces of artists like Alma Thomas.

Students immerse themselves in the fascinating world of literature, following key texts such as Letters from the Lighthouse, Anglo-Saxon Boy and Darwin & Hooker, which helps them to reach their potential as readers and writers. 

How about our PE? Year 6 students develop sportsmanship and key movement skills through gymnastics, invasion games, fitness circuits and net and wall sports. Many children are then inspired to represent the school in a range of sporting pursuits on offer.

Of course, no Year 6 experience would be complete without unforgettable adventures beyond the classroom. From historical excursions to Battle Abbey, where the echoes of 1066 still resonate, to exhilarating residential trips to PGL Windmill Hill, every outing is a chance to make memories that last a lifetime.

So come join us on our journey where learning knows no bounds and every day brings new discoveries.