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On behalf of the pupils, staff and governors at Queen's Park Primary School, I would like to warmly welcome you to our school website. I hope that you find our website informative.

I feel incredibly lucky to lead Queen's Park. We are proud of our children, staff and the wider community and hope that this website provides you with a little glimpse into the wonderful things we do and achieve here.

It is our children who make our school as special as it is. We love our diverse community and celebrate the wealth of opportunities this provides. Our children thrive here. They are happy, enjoy coming to school and achieve highly.

We welcome visits to our school so please do not hesitate to get in contact if you would like any further information.

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Year 6 Parent

My child has learned so much from school. The minute she started at Queen’s Park, I saw changes in her independence and confidence. She loves her school teachers, specifically: Mrs Preston, Mrs Lipscombe, Mr Brown and Miss Marina.

Year 1 Parent

A very friendly school with amazing teaching and pastoral staff. Our son loves it here.

Year 2 Parent

Queen's Park School now holds the opportunity to offer children the hope, focus and confidence to thrive and reach their fullest academic attainment and emotional wellness.

As a parent with longevity at Queen's Park, I undoubtedly believe the new leadership, trajectory and transformation is a primal objective for the recent positioned headteacher Mrs E Gale.

Our strengths and pride at Queen's Park have always been an environment that integrates inclusivity and diversity for all and I trust that this will only be enhanced and continued.

I very much welcome this change and remain hopeful for a progressive and an aspirational future at Queen's Park School. 

Year 6 parent

All employees at the school are friendly...

Year 3 parent

Friendly and supportive school and fab head teacher always bringing fun new ideas to the school

Year 3 Parent

Brilliant support and advice for children who need extra help

Year 1 parent

Friendly environment. You feel welcome!

Year 3 parent

Queen's Park Primary School is the best school for my kid as it offers wide range of activities both including educational and social. The location is in a secured place which is an important aspect for the security of my kid.

Year 4 parent

This is a lovely school. It sounds such a small thing but  I really appreciate that every morning, the children and their families are given a warm welcome by teaching staff at the gate, who often know them on first name basis. It makes a real difference to leave your child in a safe, happy and nurturing environment with people who take the time to get to know them. Hard work and diversity is celebrated and interests are encouraged.

Year 2 parent

Queens Park is a kind, inclusive place where our daughter enters every morning with a big smile keen for the day ahead. It gives children a thirst for knowledge and teaches them how to be members of the broader community. We could not be happier with the school,  teachers and its leadership team.

Year 2 parent

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