Religious Education (RE)

The RE scheme of work at Queen’s Park is based on the Brighton and Hove Agreed Syllabus. KS1 will be taught RE for 45 minutes per week and in KS2 children will be taught RE for one hour per week. RE in reception is integrated into the relevant strands of the EYFS and taught across the year. Religious education should not seek to indoctrinate or to persuade pupils to take up any one belief. We have a diverse demographic with children from many different backgrounds, cultures and faiths. We have adapted our RE curriculum to provide opportunities for children to learn about world religions and gives space for them to reflect on their own beliefs and values.

The Brighton and Hove syllabus advocates adopting an enquiry approach for RE. This is in line with our creative, enquiry-based themes across the curriculum. Each enquiry unit is based around a key enquiry question and a structured learning journey which will enable pupils to:

Make sense of belief – know about and understand the key concepts and beliefs of religions and worldviews and their sources of authority.

Understand the impact – explore how people express their faith and beliefs.

Make connections- reflect on their learning about religion by asking thoughtful and challenging questions about meaning, purpose and truth, making connections to their own lives and deepening their understanding of the world around them.


Through this enquiry approach children at Queen’s Park will meet a variety of religions as they travel through the school. We feel that this is important that children learn about many religions as they live in a vibrant multi-cultural, multi faith city. The Brighton and Hove syllabus matches our needs as it outlines that child will be taught Christianity for half of the time and the other religions studied should reflect the school and the wider community. We have therefore planned the curriculum so that within each year group Christianity is taught with at least one additional world religion. 

In year 1, Children are taught about religions in the world and Christianity.

In year 2, Children are taught about Christianity and Judaism and Islam.

In year 3, Children learn about Christianity and Islam. 

In year 4, Children learn about Christianity and Hinduism.

In year 5, Children learn about Christianity and Judaism.

In year 6, Children learn about Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Humanism and Atheism in preparation for their transition to KS3.

Throughout the whole school many religious festivals are marked by various events and activities.