Thrive Together Schools Alliance [TTSA]

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About Us

In the dynamic landscape of education, we, a collective of visionary headteachers, have emerged, driven by our shared commitment to enhance the educational journey of both students and staff alike. United in purpose, we have formed a collaborative alliance, pooling our expertise and experiences to cultivate an environment where every child can thrive and every educator can excel.

At the heart of our alliance lies a fervent belief in the power of collaboration. Recognising that no single individual possesses all the answers, we have embraced the ethos of shared learning, fostering an ecosystem where strategies, ideas, and innovations flow freely. Through regular meetings, workshops, and forums, we aim to engage in vibrant discourse, tapping into the collective wisdom of our group to address challenges and seize opportunities.

Moreover, our alliance extends beyond mere dialogue; it is a testament to the spirit of generosity and solidarity. We willingly share resources, materials, and best practices, ensuring that every member of our alliance can access the tools needed to deliver exceptional educational experiences. By leveraging our collective purchasing power, we aim to secure the best value for everyone, optimising resources and maximising impact.

In essence, we, this group of headteachers, embody the transformative potential of collaboration in education, demonstrating that by working together, we can create brighter futures for both our children and our educators.

Our collaborative approaches

We aim to support each other and colleagues within our school by focusing on 10 strands of school life. Colleagues who lead on these strands work collectively together to share ideas, resources and approaches to improve outcomes for students, offer support and reduce workloads for staff. 

The 10 Strands
★       Leadership

★       Curriculum/Subject Networks

★       Pedagogy

★       SEND

★       Student Leadership

★       Attendance

★       Equalities

★       Safeguarding

★       Business & Finance 

★       Our City Our World

Our Schools

Queens Park Primary School

Queen’s Park School inspires and motivates children through our irresistible, ambitious and enriching curriculum offer. 

We balance high academic expectations with a nurturing ethos. Our highly trained staff offer a comprehensive pastoral support programme along with an exciting, bespoke curriculum which promotes emotional literacy, wellbeing and personal safety. 

Our extensive extra-curricular offer demonstrates our commitment to enriching children’s lives beyond the school day. We offer a broad-range of activities, participate in city-wide projects and compete in many sporting events throughout the year. 

It is our children who make our school as special as it is. We love our diverse community and celebrate the wealth of opportunities this provides. 

Our children thrive here. They are happy, enjoy coming to school and achieve highly.

Varndean School

Varndean School is a place where all people matter. A school where individuality is welcomed, celebrated and shared amongst our whole school community. Our whole community benefits from a wide range of learning experiences, alongside a firm belief that a strong community approach to wellbeing gives students the confidence, conviction and courage to exceed their own expectations.

Our broad, exciting and engaging curriculum promotes academic rigour so that all students can stand shoulder to shoulder with their peers both nationally and internationally. 

We have the highest aspirations for all of our students, supported by highly trained and motivated professionals in their fields. Our students go on to study at prestigious universities, colleges and excel in the world of study, research and work, as well as maintaining links with students to celebrate their achievements across their whole lives.

We hold challenge, pride and kindness as our key values across the school and aim for all students to become:
★      Self assured and undaunted by life’s challenges and ready for what happens next.

★      Hardworking, ambitious and high achieving and determined to make the most of opportunities.

★      Self aware and well rounded and know how to find contentment

★      Kind and generous and able to make a profound difference in the lives of others.

★      Aware of what matters locally and globally and can be an agent for change

Mile Oak Primary School

Mile Oak Primary School is a place where children think big with no limits placed on their potential. The children are at the heart of every decision we make to ensure that all pupils experience success and are valued as individuals.

We are a school committed to celebrating our whole community and, with the highest expectations, work to inspire and support every child. Our children learn and achieve through inspirational teaching in a calm, ambitious environment supported by outdoor learning in our extensive school grounds. Every child is nurtured to gain the creativity, responsibility and full breadth of skills required to take an active and fulfilling role in society.

We recognise the significance of a holistic education for our pupils and this is what we deliver through our highly skilled and exceptionally committed staff team. Our curriculum is rich and inspiring as well as offering a broad range of experiences and opportunities. 

Pupil and staff wellbeing is at the heart of everything we do. We aim to develop the whole child academically, socially and emotionally, so that they are able to reach their full potential and in turn be able to make a positive contribution to the society they live in, both now and in the future.

Mile Oak provides an exceptional education with unforgettable memories for children.

Brackenbury Primary School

Brackenbury Primary School is a place where each child is valued for who they are.

The children, families and staff members make this a special school to work in and be part of.  We work  hard to make sure our children have an enduring primary experience.  We nurture and know each child well, ensuring they thrive academically, socially and emotionally.  We teach the children the Brackenbury Way when they arrive at our school, so that we have productive, positive and predictable routines that keep your children safe, happy and ready to learn.  

We have a dedicated staff team that carefully plan so our children have the best start to their schooling, setting them up for learning for life. Alongside an engaging and exciting curriculum, we offer lots of extra opportunities to help children thrive and see the possibilities in the world, through arts, sports and different roles in school.

Brackenbury Best is what we strive for every day in our work and play. 

Balfour Primary School 

At Balfour Primary School we are committed to providing an inspiring learning experience and success for every  member of our community. All our actions are rooted in a culture of warmth and kindness and contextualised by our local community and its links to the wider world.

We are all dedicated to blending academic excellence with a richness of opportunity within and  beyond the classroom. Sound values and a positive attitude are crucial for our pupils to become life-long learners and responsible, valuable members of the community and wider society.

We are determined to give our children every opportunity to make the most of their abilities through a combination of excellent teaching, an inspirational learning environment and by enabling pupils to take significant responsibility; all the qualities that we aim to foster through our school values, which encourage us all to be responsible, respectful, reflective and resilient.

Our expectations of the children are very high and we believe that every child will couple academic success with success across the breadth of our curriculum and wider experiences. We want all our children to love school, love learning, feel proud of their own achievements and have fun!