At Queen's Park Primary School, we recognise and value individual differences in an inclusive learning community. Our belief in community, creativity, environment, and aspiration underpins our curriculum and reinforces our aim to nurture children to be caring, lifelong learners.

While we rigorously track the delivery of the objectives from the National Curriculum and Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum, we go the extra mile to ensure that these objectives are a part of our offer and pride ourselves on a far broader offer which is presented in a stimulating and enjoyable manner. Our talented teachers are dedicated to creating an engaging learning environment where our pupils can acquire relevant knowledge, develop essential skills, and gain a deep understanding that prepares them for life in modern Britain.

We understand that when children are actively engaged and having fun while learning, they are more likely to retain information and develop a genuine passion for education. By incorporating interactive activities, hands-on experiences, and creative approaches, we make sure that our children are motivated and excited about their learning journey.

In addition to delivering the curriculum objectives, we also place a strong emphasis on cultivating an appreciation for modern British life. We believe that understanding cultural heritage, embracing diversity, and being informed about the society we live in are crucial aspects of education. Our curriculum includes topics that explore history, literature, current events, and social issues, allowing our children to gain a deeper understanding of the world around them and develop into well-rounded, responsible citizens.

By combining the delivery of curriculum objectives with a sound knowledge of our community and engaging and enjoyable teaching methods, we provide our children with a holistic education. We want them to not only acquire knowledge and skills but also to foster a lifelong love for learning and a genuine appreciation for the diverse and dynamic society they are a part of.

We broaden the experience and perspective of our children in order to raise aspiration and demonstrate opportunities, such as through our links with the National Theatre, cultural community groups and local connections through, for example the "Let's Dance" and Brighton Children's parade as well as trips and visits to places such as the science museum, the seven sisters county park, and places of historical interest..

The curriculum also provides children with an interesting vibrant learning experience, creating lifelong memories and teaching children lifelong learning skills such as resilience, perseverance, creativity, motivation reflection, problem solving and team work which will set them up for their future, and face the challenges in modern society.

We are continually improving our curriculum and are currently focusing on how we can ensure it reflects the needs of our current community and embraces current local and national issues such as Black Lives Matter. As part of our school of sanctuary approach, we have strong links to the Ethnic Minority Achievement Service, who support us in leading staff meetings, working with individual teachers, undertaking learning walks and meeting with parents.

We believe that children learn by doing, so we take them on of educational visits, invite speakers into school, and bring in artefacts and interesting objects. We incorporate theme weeks to foster an understanding of why they are learning skills and knowledge and are developing links with the community so that children understand the world of work.

We make use of the local area such as the beach and the wildlife centres to support our learning. We believe in teaching children that the environment needs protecting and we have an eco-group led by a climate change aware teacher.

We aim to provide our children with the skills, knowledge, and aspiration, they need to be successful when they leave us to go onto the secondary phase of education and the skills, knowledge, and ability to be successful in whatever they choose to do.

To find out more about our curriculum offer at Queen's Park, please speak to Ms. Peacock, Ms. Whitehead or Mrs. Gale.