Curriculum Maps & Learning

At Queen’s Park Primary School, we have designed a transformational curriculum —a dynamic journey that fosters life-long learning and empowers our children to become critical thinkers and contributors to a diverse and interconnected world. 

Our curriculum is designed to be accessible to all, embracing inclusivity and representing the richness of our local and global community. It is an experiential adventure, where learning is brought to life through hands-on exploration, sparking curiosity and inquisitive minds. 

We believe in the power of fun and excitement as catalysts for meaningful learning experiences. The enrichment of our curriculum offer goes beyond traditional boundaries, creating a sense of awe and inspiring students to explore pathways to success that align with their unique talents and aspirations. 

In this developmental landscape, our curriculum is both robust and well-structured, providing a balanced blend of progressive, innovative and research based approaches. Through creative and challenging activities, we nurture not just academic growth but also the holistic development of our children. It is cohort-specific, tailoring learning experiences to the unique needs and interests of each year group. 

We are passionate about the importance of language as a vital tool for communication, understanding and wellbeing. Our curriculum embraces our diverse linguistic landscape, fostering an environment where every student feels a sense of belonging. 

At the end of their journey with us at Queen's Park Primary School, our students depart equipped with the essential tools of curiosity and innovation, well-prepared to confront the challenges that lie ahead. Each child leaves our school with the firm understanding that they possess the capability to achieve whatever they aspire to.

Please find further details about our curriculum below.

Curriculum maps for each year group

QPS Curriculum Posters - Reception

QPS Curriculum Posters - Year 1

QPS Curriculum Posters - Year 2

QPS Curriculum Posters - Year 3

QPS Curriculum Posters - Year 4

QPS Curriculum Posters - Year 5

QPS Curriculum Posters - Year 6



Reading is a key part to our curriculum. We read across subjects, through class readers and in guided reading sessions. In guided reading sessions, children are in ability groups. When children start reading, they read fully-decodable books that are in line with the sounds and tricky words they have been taught. These are read in school and then the children take these home to practise.

As soon as children can read unfamiliar words confidently, they read wider children’s literature and no longer read books in the school’s levelled reading programme.

All pupils can also borrow a book from the school library and class book corner that their adult can read with them at home.



In Reception, Year 1 and 2, phonics is taught in groups for 30 minutes daily. We follow the accredited Twinkl scheme. Additional daily catch-up interventions take place to help children who need to overlearn.

Twinkl phonics introduction for parents - This document will define key terminology that we use in school and your children will use. It explains how synthetic phonics works and outlines the expectations for what children should be able to do by the end of each level. Additionally, there is information about the Year 1 phonics screening check and suggestions for how to help your child at home.

Please take a look at the link below to find out how we pronounce the phonetic sounds.

Twinkl YouTube video for the correct sound pronunciation



Key Stage 2 teach spelling using the Spelling Shed scheme.



In Maths we follow a mastery approach through a cycle of high quality group based instruction, monitoring, correction, enrichment and review. We follow a clear progression of skills to ensure the development of number skills and follow a clear plan to develop number fluency.

Please find the progression of skills below and the fluency plan. If your child is fully confident on the fluency focus, they will be given a further challenge. 

Maths Progression Document 2023-2024

Queen's Park Addition and subtraction calculation policy

Queen's Park Multiplication and Division calculation policy

Math’s fluency document

If you would like to find out how you can help at home with your child's maths, please click on the link here.

Ways to Help with Maths at Home

If you have any further questions about the curriculum please contact us on