Home Learning

Week ending 26.2.21

This past week the children have been enjoying the book ‘Oh no George’ by Chris Haughton. We stared the week by just listening to the start of the story and then the children had to think about what George, the dog, would do next. The children also learnt about the word ‘temptation’. The children ended the week by thinking up their own idea of what George would do.

In Phonics the children learnt new letter sounds /ai/ and /ee/ as well as revising the taught consonant digraphs /sh/ch/th/ng/qu. The tricky words this week have been /they/ /all/ and /you/.

In Maths the children finished their learning about numbers 1-15. They have been exploring one more/one less. The children were introduced to ordinal numbers. They¬†also started to learn about sharing objects into equal groups and they even explored the new concept ‘odd numbers’.

Have a look at some the pictures from this week.

Best wishes

Ms Myatt, Ms Whitehead, Mrs Mollanji, Ms Sanchez and Lisa.


Michelle picture