Uniform Policy

All Children are required to wear a simple uniform. This will consist of the following :

  • Navy or Royal Blue Sweat shirt (with or without a school logo), cardigan or
  • White T-shirt or Polo shirt
  • Blue, black or Grey trousers or skirt (can be denim)

Summer (if preferred)

  • Blue checked or striped summer dress
  • White, grey or blue jumper or cardigan
  • White t-shirt or polo shirt with plain shorts

School Sweatshirts are available from the Office. All other items can be purchased in supermarkets or children’s clothing shops.

In addition the following dress code applies:

  • All tops must cover shoulders –no sleeveless tops
  • All tops must cover stomachs-no crop or low cut tops
  • Skirts should be an appropriate length and design.
  • No jewellery should be worn, except watches and ear rings which should be  small studs or sleepers
  • No make-up should be worn
  • No unsuitable writing or pictures should be worn on clothing
  • No backless shoes, flip-flops, high heels or anything unsuitable for running on the playground should be worn
  • No embellishments such as chains or key-rings hanging from clothes as these present a health and safety hazard
  • Both boys and girls with long hair should have it tied back, to help prevent the spread of headlice