This week in year 2

This week in year 2 we have been looking at the Indian artist M.F. Husain. He paints narrative scenes which are often a tribute to India’s history. He uses big blocks of colours to create a mood. The children have learnt a traditional Indian story called ” Four friends and the hunter.” A story about a mouse, a crow, a deer and a tortoise who trick a hunter to avoid capture. We have been practicing drawing each animal in the style of M. F. Husain in our sketch books and next week will we make our final piece which will incorporate all the animals to tell the story.

Also Next week we will be reading our new book called ‘Get Off That Camel!” A story about a girl who has a toy camel and one day gets a real camel. We are asking year 2 to bring in a small toy on Monday to inspire some writing about their own toy coming to life.

In Maths we have nearly finished our unit of fractions. We have looked at finding fractions of a quantity. Next week we will start looking at money.

Here are some of the children’s sketch books.

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