Newsletter 9/7/21

Week ending 09/07/21

Dear Parents/Carers,

This week we have been continuing learning and writing information about different sea creatures. The children have really enjoyed sharing what they know about different sea creatures and have produced some amazing writing. Next week the children will be choosing their own sea creature to write about. Please talk to your child about which sea creature they will choose and help them to research and think of a sentence they will write.

Please continue to use the ‘Smile Project’ resources that we sent home last week. This week we have   been looking at Mickey the monkey who loves to move and Immy who likes to imagine.

In phonics we have been working on; Ms Sanchez’s group have been continuing to recap the trigraphs igh, air, ear, ure as these are tricky to remember and see when reading words. They have been continuing to practise reading, and writing the phase 3 tricky words and some phase 4 words.

Ms Myatt’s group has been focusing on oi/or/ur/er and tricky word they. Ms Whitehead’s group have been revising the sounds ch/sh/th/ng/ai/ee/igh/oa/oo and are learning the digraph ar and working on the tricky words /he/she/me/be/we/was/my/you/my/they/all/are/her. Which is all the phase 3 tricky words.

Mrs Mollanji’s group have been recapping all the single sounds already taught and have learnt the digraph sh/ch and all of the phase 2 tricky words. Please continue to practise these letter sounds in their phonics books at home along with the tricky words. It is important to keep practising the letter sounds and tricky words as recent assessments have shown that some children are not remembering some of the sounds and tricky words they knew previously.

Thank you to everyone who is remembering to leave their child’s reading book in their book bag. It is making collecting the books so much easier, and saves us having to send out lots of texts.  We will not be sending reading books home next week, as we need to collect all books in by Friday 16th July so we can audit them. This week will also be the last week your child will be bringing home a library book. Please ensure these are also returned by 16th July.

In Maths, we have been looking at doubles. We have used many different resources to make doubles and have been searching for double dominoes in the sand tray.

On Thursday, we had a great sport’s day afternoon. The children were amazing and worked together really well in teams. All the children got a certificate. We have put some photos onto the website and there will be a few in the newsletter. We are sorry if your child is not in any of these photos but it is impossible to include images of every child. We have tried our best to do so.

Many thanks and stay safe

Ms Whitehead and Ms Myatt

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