Newsletter WE: 17/9/21

Dear Parents/Carers

Most of the children have managed well with the full days, but they are very tired, as we have been very busy! Please give them an opportunity to rest over the weekend so they are ready for next week.

Please ensure your child has a named water bottle in school every day.

Keep an eye on the weather and ensure your child is wearing appropriate clothing for the day. We spend a lot of time outside so your child will need a jumper or cardigan at all times and a coat when it is raining or cold.

It would help us enormously if you could practise, with your child, putting on their coat and shoes at home. PLEASE ENSURE ALL CLOTHING AND LUNCHBOXES ARE LABELLED.  It is very difficult to return items to the correct child if they are not named.

Next week we will begin the statutory baseline assessments that has been brought in this year for all reception children. If you have any questions regarding these assessment then please contact the head teacher via the office.

We will text you a link, each Friday afternoon, to a Google lunch option form which we would like you to fill in. Please ensure you do this by 8am on the Monday of each week so we can ensure your child has a lunch in school that they will eat.  There are a number of children who are eating very little at lunchtime and are consequently very tired in the afternoon. Please ask your child if they enjoyed the lunch they had each day and gauge whether you need to send them in with a packed lunch.

At the end of the school day, can you please ensure that your child is not using the school playground equipment, as there are no trained First Aid adults in the playground at that time.

Kind regards

Ms Myatt & Ms Whitehead

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