Art Week in Year 2

We have had a wonderful first week back! The children have been really excited to learn about different portrait artists. We focused on three portrait artists and imitated their work.

First we looked at a range of artists and portraits and discussed what is a portrait. We learnt a technique to help draw the correct proportions and we had a go at doing self portraits. Then we looked at an artist called Keith Haring. Haring was a famous american artist who drew figures in the subway. His work is now imitated in the ‘Change 4 Life’ campaign which some of the children recognised. We then looked at Andy Warhol’s repeated portrait images. Warhol experiments with colours in his work and the children also had a go at this. Finally we looked at Pablo Picasso. We read a book called Picasso and the girl with a ponytail. In the story Picasso draws the girl, first carefully and realistically but then he draws her again and again becoming more free and having more fun. The children did the same in their sketch books. Finally the children did a beautiful, final portrait in the style of Picasso for the display in the corridors. They look amazing!

We also did some descriptive writing around famous portraits in English and in RE the children made sculptures of things they would like to give as gifts. Here are some photos of their work.


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  1. What lovely Art work!

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