Home Learning

Year 1 – Home Learning for children isolating Week Beginning 5.10.20

From this week, we are starting to put homework and home learning for children isolating on our Google Classroom pages. Your child should now have a login for this. In the mean time, while we put up the work, if your child is isolating at home this week,  you can continue to use the links below to be directed to planned home learning resources.

Maths – in school we use the White Rose scheme so in order to keep in line with the class, please follow the online lessons here for your child’s year group. Every lesson comes with a short video showing you clearly and simply how to help your child complete the accompanying activity/ worksheet successfully. We have attached a link to White Rose and instructions on how to access the White Rose website here.

White Rose week 4 videos

Instructions for using White Rose Maths

Please find the worksheets for this week’s learning here.












Year 1 – Children are working through lessons WEEK 4 Autumn Block

If the activities given are too challenging for your child, please use an alternative year group resources.

If you are able to print the lesson sheet, then of course, please feel free to do so otherwise we would recommend your child view the sheet on line and write their answers on a piece of paper. You can then check them using the answer sheets.

English – For individual children isolating at home we will be using the governments Oak Academy resources.


Please follow the instructions in the helpsheet below to work through the activities for each day by clicking on ‘lessons’ then ‘schedule’.

Oak Academy Year 1

Helpsheet for Oak Academy set work for individuals

Foundation subjects – As with English, please follow the Oak Academy helpsheet and select the ‘scheduled’ lessons for the day. Each day, there will be one foundation lesson to complete. This could be either Music, Geography, History, RE, PSHE or Science.

If your child does not have access to a computer or tablet but is isolating, please let us know as soon as possible so we can send you printed activities by post.


Thank you,