Home Learning

Week 5 Home Learning

It has been another busy week of home learning. The children have been doing lots of activities around the story of the Three Billy Goats Gruff. In the story we learnt that the goats eat grass and the troll wants to eat the goats. The Reception children were then asked to make a list for their favourite foods. They then went on to change the characters in the story and make up their own phrase for when the new characters cross the bridge. This week the children have been learning about measure using words such as long/short, big/small, full/empty and heavy/light. They have also been busy recapping the tricky words and the Phase 3 sounds sh/ch/th/th/ ng. Lastly they have been using their imaginations to build bridges and design robots.
Have a look at some of their fantastic learning.
Have a great weekend.
Ms Myatt, Ms Whitehead, Ms Sanchez, Mrs Mollanji and Lisa.