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Holiday Homework Ideas

Thank you grown ups for all your support this term. It has been tricky at times but we made it to the holidays!

I hope you have a lovely and restful time over the holiday break. Here are some suggestions of things you could with your child over the holiday.

1.       Carry on practicing phonics using your child’s phonics books.

2.       Carry on reading with any books you have at home. Children’s picture books are a great option.

3.       Please can you practice counting in 2s, 5s and 10s up to 12x each number. In class, we do this by counting on our fingers. For example, we hold up one finger and say “2”, then two fingers and say “4” etc. The next step will be to start ask your child, “What are 4 lots of 2?” and your child would hold up four fingers and count in 2s on them.

4.       I have sent home spelling words to practice and learn over the holiday.

5.       Try to keep your child writing. It only needs to be a few sentences a few times over the holidays. They can write about anything. The focus is using capital letters, full stops and making sure simple words are correct.

These are just suggestions of things that will help. Obviously, the holiday period is a busy time so do however much or little you can.