School Clubs

Currently, all clubs at school are suspended due to the pandemic, however, we hope to have our clubs up and running as soon as we can!

At Queen’s Park we aim to provide a wide variety of clubs that encourage the children to become an active part of the extra-curricular community. The range of clubs on offer looks to provide children with different interests and hobbies opportunities to get involved and  try something new, including various sports and arts-related activities. There are new sports to try, creative and interactive clubs, as well as more support-based extra-curricular clubs to supplement homework. In addition, many of our clubs are run internally and take place throughout the school day, so be sure to check the full list for availability and timings. Most clubs are run on a half-termly/termly basis, and there is no long term commitment. Some of our clubs run for just a term only, so there is an ever-changing menu to choose from. Please take a look at the clubs available below and contact the Office/ named Staff members as appropriate. All booking forms are usually available from the Office. We look forward to seeing you at a Club very soon!

Clubs as at Spring 2020

External Club Provision

Sussex CCC Cricket (Weds mornings)

J & C Coaching;

Multi-Skills (Weds)

Gymnastics (Mon)

Dance (Tues)

Football (Thurs)

Silverbox Media (Yrs 5 & 6 only)

Internally Run Provision

Zines  (Thurs)

Art (Thurs)

Stars Netball (Mon-Fri)

Recorder club

Zumba (Lunchtimes)

Chess (lunchtimes)