Zine Library Project

Queen’s Park are planning the very first ‘all inclusive’ Zine Library.


Inspired by the Brooklyn Sketchbook Library we thought we could do something similar to showcase and share all our wonderful ideas and thoughts.

Calling everyone!

Children, parents, carers, school staff, your families wherever they may be, in whatever country, city or village.


We want YOU to make a ZINE!


It can be anything you wish it to be: drawing, painting, printing, words, stories, recipes, poems, hobbies…pretty much anything you would like to create and share.


You will then donate your Zine to our library so that we can all share one another’s stories and creations.



Some of you will already know all about Zines, so you can help your family members to make and think of ideas to fill them.


If not, then a Zine is a small book made from folding paper.


You can put whatever you want into your Zine.

It can be full of drawings of your favourite creature; it could be an instruction booklet on how to make bread; it would be just full of your favourite words. Whatever it is, take your time. There is no rush. Make it as full and beautiful as you can.


If you have family or friends outside of our school community then ask them to make one too.

Have a look at the links below for more information.

Don’t worry if you don’t consider yourself creative, it’s about creating something that reflects you or tells a message you wish to share.

How to make a ZIne

How To/Make: Create a mini-zine

What is a Zine?

The inspiration for the projects

The deadline is June, so no rush! Please post or hand them in to school when you have finished

Happy creating! You and the children.

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  1. when you walk into your room and forget what your going to do

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