Year 5/6 girls kwik Cricket Tournament

On Friday, I had the pleasure of taking a fantastic team of 4 year 5’s and 4 year 6 girls to the Sussex Country ground where they would compete in a tournament and play 4 games.

We warmed up, discussed rules and thought about tactics. For our set group we were against Coldean and Cottesmore; the girls were feeling nervous for their first match but encouraged and supported one another. First we played Cottesmore – both teams started with 200, the winning team was the team who had the most runs.

We started batting and the girls supported one another and worked together as a team perfectly. They were nervous and not as confident to run yet when they hit the ball but they were just warming up. When they swapped over and had to field, we had some amazing bowls, quick thinking and brilliant catches to get the other team out. The final score was Queens Park 229 – 208 Cottesmore.

As soon as we finished our match we were against Coldean. The girls were much more confident in this game having been given a confidence boost from the previous match. Again the girls had some great hits, great runs and brilliant catches. They won the match 229 – 214 Coldean.

Because they were the winners of their group stage they advanced onto the quarter finals where we played St Lukes. We enjoyed a fun lunch of laughter then got ready for the next match. By now the girls were feeling great, full of energy and their play has significantly improved. Their over arm bowls were impressive, their fielding was precise and their hits were huge scoring 6 points often. Although we were a team member short they played as if there were 8. The final winning score was 238 – 205.

We were now through the the semi-finals, the winner of this round would go onto the county tournament to represent Sussex. This was a tough game against Coombe road. At the end of the last match we didn’t have Poppy, Nell has potentially broken her finger and exhaustion had set in. The girls played very well and held their own in batting but Coombe road just kept hitting hard and kept their energy up. The final score was 250 – 231 to Coombe road, a well deserved win for the girls.

At the end of the day the girls were so happy to have made it that far in the tournament, they had never played together as a team but wow they were brilliant. Well done girls, you were a great credit to the school and I am very proud.


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