Year 1’s weekly update

This week in Year 1 the children have had more opportunities to write sentences about Space. We had an astronaut drop in to our classes who told us what life was like in Space. This is called ‘hot seating’ and encourages the children to use their imaginations, build their confidence with questioning and retain knowledge.

Thank you to the parents who have contributed to our space theme by sharing their language with us and taking the time to add key vocabulary to our role play corner. This is really significant to children’s cultural identity and they are so proud to recognise their own written language in the classroom.¬†We have also discussed the various cultures of astronauts, in particular Mae Jemison the first African-American female to travel in Space.

Can any of the children share information about her with you? We would love to hear that they have shared their learning with you!

In Maths we have been using the part-part-whole method to complete number sentences.

Geography has extended to the children learning the four flags of the United Kingdom.

Remind your children they are welcome to visit the school library at lunchtime, the librarians are keen to show all the books that are available to read and take home.

Yes! We have filled our marble jars! Bumblebees are excited about their slumber party tomorrow and Caterpillars are looking forward to their party in the afternoon.

Have a great weekend,

The Year 1 Team.


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  1. What a lovely topic for them to work on!

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