Year 1 are blasting off into their first topic!

Welcome to Year 1!

We have had a super start in Year 1 this term and we have launched straight into our new topic ‘To Infinity and Beyond!’ We have been enjoying a new story called ‘The Blackest Hole in Space’. To help us learn this story, we have been using Talk4Writing. At this stage that means putting actions to words, can you challenge your child to tell you the story using the actions? We created planets using playdough and are working on using adjectives to create super sentences about them.

We have also been using spaceships and aliens to help Zig with his counting. We are recapping numbers to 10 and are working on quick recall of recognising one more, one less and how many more to make 10. Both classes have had many practical opportunities to show their understanding of numbers to 10. We have introduced tens frames as a way of representing numbers and have incorporated this into our self registration. Challenge your child to show you their numbers to 10 on a homemade tens frame!

Please see our topic web below for some of the exciting learning we will be doing until half term.

Space Topic Web

Thank you for all of your support so far,

Miss Jamieson and Miss Jackson.

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