Woods Mill!

Year 1 had a fantastic trip on Tuesday to Woods Mill!

The children were split into four groups and were taken around the woods to complete different fun activities. One activity was pond dipping where the children were able to fish for sea creatures. We were very lucky we saw water mites, bloodworms, pond skaters, flatworms and tadpoles. One group even found a leech in their net!

Another activity was meadow sweeping where the children ran through the meadows to collect as many insects they could find. They then used different brushes and equipment to scoop the insect into the magnifying glass container for a better look. It was a real challenge to catch a grasshopper!

Some of the other activities enjoyed were making habitats for woodland creatures such as an owl, a badger, a hedgehog, a doormouse, a fox, a rabbit and a squirrel. The children loved exploring the woods and positioning their creature as far away from their predator as possible. The children also explored the vision of a badger where they were blindfolded and had to use their other senses to guide themselves around the woods. Even the adults joined in!

The staff and parents were extremely helpful and we are grateful for their support to have made this trip happen. We hope you like looking through the photos and we wish you and the children a well deserved summer holiday!

Miss Jackson and Miss Jamieson

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