Withdean Athletics!

What a fantastic day at Withdean we have just had! The children were so well behaved all day; they were so encouraging and supportive of one another during their events. We took 35 children to compete in the athletics competition: children were competing in the standing long jump event, vortex throw, 75m sprint, 600m run or relay.

I was so impressed with the attitudes of the children, they were ready and excited for their events and even after came back excited to have taken part.

Children who won medals in their race were:

Year 6-

Stefan: 2nd place standing long jump, 2nd place 75m sprint and 3rd for year 6 relay.

Theo P: 1st place vortex throw and 3rd for year 6 relay.#

Archie S: 3rd for year 6 relay.

Szabi: 3rd for year 6 relay.

Year 5 –

Bella: 1st place 75m sprint nd 3rd place year 5 girls relay

Rita: 2nd place 75m sprint and 3rd place year 5 girls relay

Yusra: 3rd place year 5 girls relay

Grace: 3rd place year 5 girls relay

Becky: 1st place vortex throw

Year 4-

Millie: 1st place vortex throw

Archie Ajani: 1st place 75m sprint

We placed 4th overall in the Green Division. Well done to all children who competed, you were all fantastic and should be very proud of yourselves. I know I am.

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