What we have been learning about this week

Year 2 have started to learn about India this week, which will be our topic this term. We will be learning all about the history, geography and culture in India. There will be lots of exciting learning opportunities coming up, which we will let you know about in due course. So far we have found India on a world map and had a general look at key aspects of the country.


In English this week we have been learning about poetry. We have been using some resources made by Michael Rosen who is one of our favourite writers. So far we have looked at a rhyming and a free verse poem.  The children have been practising both styles and we will now begin to write their own. The poems we have been using are Arrows and Block City.


In maths we have been learning how to multiply by 2, 5 and 10. As the children have been counting in these numbers all year, the focus has been on using our counting method to answer calculations. For example to answer 6 x 2 = the children would either get 6 groups of 2 blocks and count them up or they would hold up 6 fingers and count in 2s on them to find the answer. Next week we will begin to look at division as the inverse of this.


The phonics groups are all now running as they were last term. We will aim to send a text message home every Monday-Thursday at 3:30 to let you know which page we have worked on. On Friday we always go over the whole week’s worth of sounds and so we will not send home a text message.

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