This Week in Year Four

What a brilliant week!

In English, we’ve been learning how to describe scenes from our story ‘Escape from Pompeii’, using interesting adjectives and onomatopoeia. We have started learning about the Roman Numerals system in Maths and even took the challenge of solving addition and subtraction number sentences with Roman Numerals!

In our new topic (The Romans), we started looking at a map to see where the Romans invaded and we discussed reasons why they decided to invade those countries.

Next week, we’ll describe a key event in our story in English.  In Maths, we’ll start our next unit on Multiplication.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend,

The Year 4 Team

3 comments on “This Week in Year Four

  1. Dotty Cawley says:

    Wow! I remember when i was in Year 4 and learnt about that, i’m now in Year 6 but i miss it very much!

  2. I am pleased you remember this topic in year 4 and hope you are enjoying year 6 just as much!



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