This Week In Year Four

What a fantastic week!

This week was Book Week and World Book Day on Thursday. We dressed up as book characters and had a parade around the playground. Well done to everyone who was able to dress up, your costumes looked amazing!  We also enjoyed Shared Reading with Year One and we had extra time in the school library this week. Year Four had shared reading time with some hot chocolate as well, yum!

In English, we wrote our own short stories about an imaginary place in someone’s dream.  We read our stories to the children in the other Year Four class. Our writing was inspired by the book ‘ The Tin Forest’ by Helen Ward and Wayne Anderson. We designed our own bookmarks which were really creative and colourful. In Maths, we continued learning how write short multiplication and solve the calculations. Next week, we’ll learn about Fractions in Maths.

Have a lovely weekend,

The Y4 Team

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  1. Brilliant photo!!

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