This week in Year 5

Welcome back after the half-term.

This week we are focusing on creating our eco clothing, using variety of skills (e.g. sewing, stitching, pom-pom making). We have collected many materials that we can re-use or recycle to make our new clothes. Children are working in groups to design and make their projects.

In English, we started reading a new book: Varjak Paw by SF Said, which already promises to be engaging and fun to read. We are also learning how to design an effective advert, using as many tricks of the trade as possible, including word play, exaggeration, alliteration, slogans and powerful adjectives.

In Maths, the focus of the next few weeks will be multiplication and division. We are working on improving our times tables, learning about multiples and factors and how to use formal methods of multiplication and division.


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