This week in Year 3

What a fantastic term we have had in Year 3!

We have finally finished inventing our amazing dragon information text. We are incredibly impressed by how creative and brilliant they are and how much the children seem to have enjoyed the topic.

In Maths, we are finishing our unit on shape and can now understand what a quadrilateral is, what a right angle is and how a right angle is different from a obtuse, a reflex and an acute angle! We are proud of how hard they have worked all term on their mathematical knowledge.

Thank you to all the growns up for attending parents evening, it was lovely to see so many of you!

We have also enjoyed celebrating Holi, Dance at the Dome, creating our own dragon pictures, our eggsperiment and a dragon making a mess in our classrooms. So much appears to have happened in Year 3 this term!

We hope you have a relaxing break and we look forward to welcoming you back on the 24th April.

Year 3 Team

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