This week in Year 3

Last Wednesday, Year 3 had an amazing opportunity to take part in a ‘Dance Days’ workshop, where we were taught different dances from around the Globe. We learnt an amazing Indian dance all about Diwali, the festival of light and we were taught an amazing Bollywood dance. We learnt a traditional Spanish dance called the ‘Flamenco’ where all of the girls got to hold a beautiful red fan, whilst the boys had to stand tall and proud. We learnt a fantastic dance from Brazil called the ‘Samba’ which was all about the Carnival of Brazil. The children had the opportunity to wear amazing masks and vibrant feather boas as this festival is full of colours. We were also taught a dance from a decade and Cricket’s decade was the 1970s and they love learning the funky disco moves and Glowworm’s decade was the 1920s and the children loved learning the Charleston.

We have also finished our multiplication unit in Maths. Please keep helping your children practice their 2,3,4,5 and 10 times tables! We have been working really hard in our Maths lessons, learning all about the grid method and repeated addition. Next week we will be starting our Division unit.

In English, we have finished writing our letters to the Evil Stepmother and the children have produced amazing work! This week we will be starting our imaginary world stories.

We are thoroughly enjoying our Monday morning swimming sessions. Please make sure all of your children’s clothes are labelled with their name and class!

Have a fantastic week!

Year 3 Team

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