This week in Year 3

In English, we have finished our newspaper reports on the discovery of Tutankhamun and we have written them on our very own Ancient Times newspaper, using our best handwriting.

In Maths, we have been continuing our subtraction unit and we have used the column method to help us with our subtraction knowledge. We have also started to ‘rename’ using the column method and we have been trying really hard with this brand new concept.

In our topic work, we have been creating our own Egyptian pop up books using three types of folds; a box fold, a mouth fold and door fold. The children have been working so hard on them and they look fantastic!

Year 3 have been incredibly lucky this week as we have had Bike It Lucy in to show us how to ride a bike! Also, we have been learning all about Road Safety and how important it is to be responsible, respected and safe on the roads.

Finally, on Wednesday, we had a brilliant lesson talking all about the different languages we speak and we designed a language display to welcome everyone to our classrooms.

Have a great week!

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