This week in Year 3

In maths this week we will be finishing our topic on measurement. The children have worked very hard to learn all the units for measuring length, distance, mass, volume and capacity. As we come to the end of this week, we will begin our new topic on money. We’re sure that the children already have some experience with using money in a practical context but it would be great if you could help them further by encouraging them to go shopping with you. Perhaps they could identify which coins you will need to pay for something or they could even have a go at working out how much change you will get back from paying for something?

In English the children have been putting their creativity to the test. They have started planning their own fairy tale which they hope to write up by the end of the week. There have been some terrific ideas for their characters and how they will defeat the villain in their stories. We can’t wait to read the finished fairy tales!

Our science experiment is well under way. Last week we set up an eggsperiment to test the effect that different liquids have on our teeth. Using eggs as a replacement for teeth, we have left six fresh eggs in a variety of different liquids. The children have been regularly checking up on the effect that each liquid is having on the shell of the eggs and it has been very interesting indeed! We hope to draw our investigation to an end this Friday by examining the state of the eggs and writing up our observations.

On a final note, we would like to say a huge congratulations to Cricket’s class for their excellent class assembly. We have had some wonderful feedback from children and teachers in the school and we’re sure their grownups are all very proud of their achievements too. Well done Crickets!

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  1. Zoe Milton says:

    I came to see the crickets assembly and it was brilliant! Well done everyone!

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