This week in Year 3

What an amazing Book Week we had! We were very impressed by how excited the children were to read their books and to dress up as their favourite book character.

Our chosen book for Book Week was ‘The Lost Words’ written by Robert McFarlane. This is a brilliant book as it all about words that have been omitted from the Oxford Junior Dictionary. The children were surprised to hear that these words are being lost as some of them were already familiar to them for example: bluebell, conker, dandelion and magpie. This book is laid out as a spell book for conjuring back these words into our language. All of the children have written some beautiful acrostic poems based on the natural wonders.

In Maths this week, we have introduced a new way of improving our fluency of our times tables. Our target is to make sure that most children are able to complete a times table chart in under 4 minutes. The children are working really hard and are improving their times tables every day.

The children are doing exceptionally well in their Dance at the Dome routine. Some of you may have already have heard of our costume making workshop at 3.15 on Thursday 8th March in Crickets classroom. We would be very appreciative of any help from volunteers.

Keep dancing!

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  1. I am really looking forward to the Let’s Dance at the Dome!

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