Do you want to borrow a bike?

Dear Parent/Carer

Borrowing school bikes

This notice is about the bike loan scheme we have set up, which will be running from the 7th January.

Your school has 11 bikes of varying sizes from BikeIt. They are looked after by Lucy Dance, out Sustrans Bike It Officer and Paul McCarthy.

If you would like to borrow a bike please see the office to request the correct size and they will be able to tell you when it will be available. You will then be able to pick the bike up from the hall from Poppy Manley. She will only be there between 8:30 -8:45 on Friday mornings. Please make sure you give the office at least a week notice so they can arrange the paper work and get the bike ready. We don’t supply helmets, but we do strongly recommend the children wear them and request you sign a terms and conditions before you loan the bike.

This is a new scheme and we are still figuring out exactly how it will work so please be patient with the office staff. If you have any problems or questions you may find me after school hours.

If there are any problems with your bike you may record them in a folder which is kept in the school office.

Many thanks,

Rebecca Prevett

PE Co-ordinator


Lucy Dance

Sustrans Bike It Schools Officer


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