‘Tis the season!

Year 1 have had a fantastic start after half term. We have been learning about our new topic of seasons!

In English the children have thoroughly enjoyed our book – I Want My Hat Back. It is a fun story with a twist! The children have engaged with the text through drama and have even written a diary for the Bear including writing the days of the week. Well done Year 1! The book will be our focus for our marvellous Let’s Play! production, which will be performed to parents and carers on Friday 7th February. It’s sure to be a magical event… hold onto your hats!

In Maths we have been exploring numbers to 20 including counting, writing in digits and words, comparing and ordering. The children have learnt place value understanding that in the number 14 for example, the 1 represents one ten. We also really enjoyed learning our left and right with the help of the Cha Cha Slide!

In PE, with the help of Dan Dan the cricket man, we have moved onto practising our hitting skills and team building. Please remember as it gets colder to bring tracksuit bottoms for outdoor P.E, we will be outside regardless of the cold weather!

In Geography we have been learning about the weather and how it changes during each season. We have observed how the weather has changed since we started school and how the days are getting shorter. We are confident in the four seasons and can explain some changes you might see in nature.

We are currently practising for our Year 1 Christmas singing assembly on the 19th December. Please encourage the children to practice their songs at home when you can. A Christmas or Winter accessory would be lovely for the performance.

Have a lovely week!
Year 1 Team.

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  1. Kate Williams says:

    I would like my child to go visit this school 🏫 because the old school 🏫 we are working at isn’t very good it’s a bad school 🏫. Children 👶 often have food 🥘 fights against each other’s and it’s hard for my son not to cry 😢 after school. If the Year 1 is full it’s totally alright and I will take my son to another ordinary formal and nice 👍 school.


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