Screen free ideas for Reception and Year one!

Hi guys, I know spending a lot of time on screens is a bit dull so why not try some of these fun ideas with your grown-ups!

If you take photos or have some ideas of your own, email me at and I can share them on the website.

Have fun!

Love Mrs H x

Go on a phonics treasure hunt. Can you find items that begin with your chosen letter?

A nature treasure hunt might be fun! What can you find?

Write some numbers on a piece of paper. Roll your die, add the numbers together and circle the number that matches your total.

Draw a butterfly and write some numbers on it. Stick a number at the top and see if you can add up numbers on each wing to make that number.

Make some tricky word/sight word pancakes out of paper and flip them over when you have read the word!

Ask your grownup or sibling to write some words out with separate letters, digraphs and trigraphs that match. Can you make the words? You could use paper, pebbles or cupcake cases to cover the words.

If you have a PRETEND phone, can you dial the numbers to ring people up?

What would you say to them? Remember to never use a real phone without your grown-ups permission.

Write some numbers on bottles before you recycle them. Can you fill them with the right number of objects? Use tweezers or wear gloves to make it more tricky!

If you have a ball pit, use a whiteboard marker to write letter sounds on your balls and make words in an old egg box.

Why not make some gingerbread play dough? Or experiment with different colours and flavours. Make sure your gingerbread man doesn’t run away!

Use your playdough to help you with subtraction. Make balls to represent the numbers and smash the balls you are taking away. How many are left?

Write some words on paper with your grownups or siblings. Can you come up with a story that uses all these words? You never know, it may turn out to be the next Harry Potter!

Draw a pattern and recreate it using lego or duplo. What colour would come next in the pattern?

Use an old eggbox to make an underwater scene! If you head to the beach why not collect some shells?

Use a dry-erase marker to write on building bricks to make words.

If you have dried beans, lentils or seeds, you can practice using cooking utensils and weighing scales.

Practice writing with a stick or your finger. You could use salt, flour, oats or rice in a tray. You could also use dry leaves as paper!

Be like Peter Rabbit and dig up some sight word carrots! Draw and cut out the carrots, bury them in dry beans, seeds or rice and then pull them up to read!

Get an empty jam jar and fill it up with reasons you love someone. It could be Mum, Dad, Granny, Nanny, Sister, friends from school…whoever you like!

You may want to give it to them on Valentines Day! (Feb 14th)

Tooth fairy visiting? Make a theme park for them to play in while you are asleep.

If your grown-ups have leftover parcel packaging, write some letters or words on them and stomp out the air when you have read them correctly!

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