Science at home

Here are some science activities that you can do at home with your children:

  • Explorify is a free and excellent resource that is produced by The Wellcome Trust. You could do one Explorify activity a day with your children. Mark each activity that they do as ‘done’ to unlock more activities.
  • Reach Out Reporter is a free weekly science news programme for primary aged children. You could watch it each week with your children. The website has lots of suggestions for how to use the news bulletins to spark science conversations.
  • Royal Institution: Experimental is a dedicated website for home science activities which are fun and easy to do.
  • Parents with access to a garden can download free mini-beast spotter guides from OPAL: Explore Nature
  • The Woodland Trust’s ‘Trees for Schools’  has lots of great activities that you can do in a garden or wood.
  • The PSTT is a great resource for after school science clubs that you could use for home science activities
  • ​Storybooks can be a great stimulus for science at home. You can get ideas for what to do by going to
  • You could run your very own science reading challenge using this great PSTT resource.
  • You can get loads of great ideas for activities themed around rocks/dinosaurs/fossils from this great PSTT resource.
  • Other good websites to explore are: Marvin and Milo, The Science Museum, Science Sparks and ​The Ogden Trust.

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