Running in the sunshine

Finally after last weeks snow and ice, we were back running in the park in the glorious sunshine.

The children were eager to get running again and beat our time from the previous run. We gained a few new additions to the club, one from year 4 and even had Ms Kay from year 3 running with us today! Let’s hope we didn’t put her off too much.

We set out the course before us and were going to start with a steep hill climb up to the top of the park then join back round to slowly desecend. It was a hard push but the children loved the challenge and were getting better at doing wider leg strides. Though we were all tired at the end, we had worked really hard and all had glowing faces (as Mrs Smith said when we returned to school).

We did it!! We beat our time from the previous week – We ran 1.67km (1 mile) in 10 minutes 20 seconds. We beat our previous time by 32 seconds.

Let’s hope we can beat it next week and hopefully have some more teachers joining in! I know Mr McGowan is wanting to join us.

4 comments on “Running in the sunshine

  1. Miss McCann says:

    And don’t forget Miss Steer said she would join too?

  2. Keep up the good work! And well done teachers

  3. Miss Steer says:

    I will be joining this week!! Can’t wait!

  4. Nicki Berry says:

    We are going to shine at the Mini Mile Races in April!

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