Reception Classes Topic Overview Autumn Term 1

Autumn Term 1- School Explorers and SOS!  Reception 2018


Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Getting used to school routines.

Getting to know you games.

Working together to find our missing Puppet Boy (Eric) and Puppet Girl (Flora).


Communication & Language and Literacy

Developing listening skills and confidence to join in.

Role play – developing speech and acting out stories together.

Phonics – rhyming, alliteration, distinguishing different sounds in words.

Reading – rhyming books and understanding the layout of a book.

Non-Fiction Books based on People Who Help Us.

Mark making.

Name writing.


Number Rhymes.

Counting aloud forwards and backwards.

Counting out set amounts of objects.

Counting a set number of objects by touching each one.

Ordering numbers.

Recognising numerals.

Recognising and describing shapes.

Describing the size and weight of objects by using words such as big and small and heavy and light.


Understanding of the world

People who help us in school.

People who help us outside of school.

ICT – Rainbow Street/Crickweb

Physical Development

Personal hygiene and keeping clean.

Changing for PE.

Joining in with eating snack and lunch.

Games exploring different ways of travelling.

Developing Fine motor Skills in lots of ways and using ‘Dough Disco’ and Dance for writing.

Outdoor environment.

Expressive Arts and Design

Self Portraits.

Painting People Who Help Us portraits.

Developing role-play area using the children’s ideas and linking it to People Who Help.

Nursery Rhymes.

Rhythm using musical instruments.

Body percussion.

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