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Music can support your well-being!

Music plays a big part in our lives at Queen’s Park! I am already missing our weekly singing assemblies!

Research suggests that music can stimulate the body’s natural feel good chemicals. It can help energise our mood and provide an outlet for us to take control of our feelings. And it’s just great fun too!

So if you’d like to play some music games or sing a few songs, I’ve put some web pages here for you to explore at home!


This is a fantastic site that lets you experiment with composition and explore pitch, rhythm and pulse. It’s great fun!

You can help Sesame Street characters play their instruments on this site (there are lots of other free games too) – Reception and KS1.

Explore instruments from around the world  –  Reception/Ks1

I love this app! It’s Groove Pizza and it lets you build the groove in various genres! Mostly for KS2.

Find out about the instruments in an orchestra- all ages!

This site introduces KS2 to the classic novel Treasure Island – written by Robert Louis Stevenson over 100 years ago. There are seven songs to learn and vocal coach David Grant is here to teach them – one song per page of the website. The styles range from rock ’n’ roll to rap, blues to waltz…there’s a Latin flavour, lots of opportunity for percussion…and plenty of adventure!


Or why not get singing?

You’ll all know this one!


It’s a while since we sang this together in KS2 singing assembly…but it’s a goodie! ENJOY!


This is an old favourite too!

Have fun and I’ll keep investigating more fun music activities! Watch this space!

Stay safe and keep singing!

Love Ms Buxton xx

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