Learning Council first meeting minutes

Today was the very first meeting of the Learning Council. It was great to meet all the class reps and see how enthusiastic they were about their new roles! We were lucky to have some visitors in our first meeting – the SMILE project came to see us.

The children were asked about why it might help us to be active on our way to school and the benefits of this for our mental health. They came up with lots of good ideas about why it could be good to walk, cycle, skate or scoot to school.

  • It’s good for our health
  • Keeps us fit
  • Better for the environment
  • Give us healthy bones and healthy habits for when we are older.

The SMILE project was introduced and the children were asked to guess what each letter in SMILE could stand for. They came up with some brilliant ideas and then watched a video to reveal the word behind each letter. These letters represent the things that children have said help them feel happy on the way to school.

S = Speaking      M = Moving       I = Imagine and Play       L = Learn       E = Enjoy your environment

They were given the important task of going away and thinking about why these activities are important and might help people. They will present their ideas as part of an assembly to the school in November.



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