Great Fire of London Workshop – Monday 9th December

As part of our learning journey this term we are studying the Great Fire of London. To enhance our learning journey for the children, we have arranged a History Off the Page workshop, which will take place in school on Monday 9th December between 9am and 3pm.

During the workshop the children will get the opportunity to make soap, candles, bread and perfume. They will get to try out medical tools used at the time and write with quill pens and ink. They will also get to make clay molds for metal working as well as sowing and weaving. In the afternoon they will get the chance to conduct an archaeological dig. The cost of the workshop is £12. This money goes towards arranging all the wonderful items and resources being used over the day as well as having an expert teacher/reenactor to run the workshop.

Below is a link to some pictures from last year’s workshop to give you an idea of what the children will be doing.

Fire! Fire!

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