Home Learning

Year 2 Home learning

In English we have been looking at different types of sentences. Ask you child if they can give you an example of a statement, a command, a question or an exclamation.

In maths we have been learning strategies for subtraction. We have used Dienes, number lines, and column method to solves simple subtraction problems.

In phonics this week Miss Rolf’s group have learnt kn (knot), wr (write) and le ( pebble). Mr McCarthy’s group has been focused on a – e in different word such as save, blame and mate. Miss Newman’s group have learnt ur (turn), ow (cow) and oa (goat).

Each week we will be reading with your child in a group once a week. We will send the book they read with us home for them to practice. Please listen to your child read the book and bring it in the next day. Even if you don’t get a chance to read the book it is very important they bring it back to school next day as they will be using that book in class.

Thank you for all your support at home!

From the Year 2 team.