Home Learning

This week in year 2.


We have been continuing to learn about the column method of subtraction this week. The children have learned how to ‘regroup’. This is a method that should be familiar to most grown ups. Below is a picture of what it looks like. Next week we will be using our addition and subtraction skills to solve word problems.


The children have been writing a set of instructions on how to make a potion this week. See our latest blog for more details.


Phonics is continuing everyday in year 2. Please ask your child which sound they covered in class that day and read the words through with them. If they are happy to do more, you can read out the words for them to write down. This will help them to practise applying their phonics while writing.


Most reading groups are now bringing home a reading book everyday. The idea is that they read the book at home that night and bring it in the next day. It is very important that the books come back in the next day as they are used in our guided reading sessions. Thank you for your help with this.