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This week in year 2


This week we have started our new unit on addition. We begun by looking at our number bonds to 10 and 20. Number bonds are two numbers that make a bigger number. For example 5+5, 6+4, 3+7 are all ways to make 10. It is vital that children learn these number bonds to 10 and then 20 to give them a good foundation in number. Next week we will be learning some practical methods for addition as well as some written methods.


We have read the story Meerkat Mail this week. The children have learned a good example of a postcards. They have been using conjunctions (because, but, so, and) to extend sentences and next week we will be learning to use sequencing words like first, next, finally etc. Your child could think about somewhere they have been in the past. They will be able to use this information next week!