Home Learning

19 March 2020

Dear grown ups,

We are trying our best to print out homework packs for the school closure. It will be filled with a variety of work. As the whole school is trying to make such resources available we are limited to how much we can print. At the moment we have only been able to print a small number for those children who don’t have access to the internet. Every sheet that will be handed out is attached at the bottom of this post for you to download and print at home.

Daily routine suggestion

·         At least 20mins a day reading

·         10 mins of handwriting practice

·         Writing exercises for 20 – 30mins

·         5 – 10 min practice maths orally (counting, number bonds, times tables)

·         20mins maths work set by the class teacher

·         20mins sketch booking/doodling

·         10mins spelling practice

·         Topic work that has been set by the class teacher (time will vary based on work set)

This is just a suggestion as all children will need a varied amount of time. We know, from class teaching, that it’s important to have a routine, but also some variety of content. Please remember your child will need frequent breaks. There is a post from the 18th March on home learning where you can find links to educational games and websites.


24.3.20 second sheet


Beach Habitat Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

British science week Fox Reading Comprehension


india fact file

Layers of the Ocean Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity

Looking after a dog

maths challenge 23.3

Maths challenges

mini beast habitats


Tigers Differentiated Reading Comprehension Activity


Wanted poster

Write sentences from story pictures