Year 3 Home Learning – Tuesday

Hi Year 3!

Please remember this blog is here for extra ideas of activities for you to carry on your learning and to keep you from getting bored.  You don’t have to do all the activities on here.  In fact, you don’t have to do any of them if you don’t want to.  They are just fun ideas for you and your grown-ups with lots of things you can have a go at independently without your grown-up’s support.

Writing prompt of the day:  
Write an information page about a dragon or any animal you like.

Imagine the person reading it doesn’t know anything about this dragon/animal so you need to explain it all.  What does the dragon/animal look like?  Where does it live? What does it eat? What does it like to do? You could also include some facts  about the animal/dragon.

Things to remember:

-Include a title explaining what your information page is about

-Write in sections with a subheading for each.  For example:

What the Racer dragon eats 
The Racer dragon eats dragon fruit and strawberries.  It can eat over 100 dragon fruit in one morning….

-Try to include some conjunctions like: and, but, so, because, when, if, before, after 
-Try to include some adjectives (describing words) like: safe, comfortable, caring, soft, clean, kind, huge, beautiful

Challenge: Can you include some adverbs (like quickly, carefully, quietly)to describe how it moves?

PE activity of the day: 
Why not try some yoga for kids? They have lots of themes including Star Wars, Pokemon, Trolls, and Frozen.

Drawing challenge of the day:  
Have a go at drawing… a dream birthday cake for your friend
You can draw from your imagination, look up pictures to help you or draw from real life if you have one in your home 🙂

Idea for a Geography activity:  
Learn the names of 10 countries in Europe.
Can you learn some of their capital cities too.

Idea for and Drama activity: 
Hot seating – Imagine you are a character from a book and answer questions as that character.

We hope you have a good day and we’re looking forward to seeing you all when school is back on.

Miss Kay and Miss Hunt

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