Year 3 Home Learning – Monday

Writing prompt of the day: 
Write a descriptive paragraph about where your dragon lives.  Does it live in the mountains or the sea?  Is it hot or cold?  Where does it sleep?

Things to remember:
-Try to include some conjunctions like: and, but, so, because, when, if, before, after 
-Try to include some adjectives (describing words) like: safe, comfortable, caring, soft, clean, kind, huge, beautiful

PE activity of the day: 
Have a go at the Joe Wicks PE activity of the day.  He is uploading a new activity every day.

Drawing challenge of the day: 
Have a go at drawing… a grumpy shark
You can draw from your imagination, look up pictures to help you or draw from real life if you have one in your home 🙂

Idea for a PSHE activity:  
Draw or talk about a time you took a risk (like going on a rollercoaster or learning to ride a bike) and how it made you feel.

Idea for an Art activity: 
Make a collage using paper or magazines. You could cut out some shapes and arrange them so they look good or you could make a picture with the shapes.

Have a great day!

Miss Kay and Miss Hunt

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