Year 3 Home Learning – Friday

Hi Year 3!

We hope you’re all having a good week.  Please remember this blog is here for extra ideas of activities for you to carry on your learning and to keep you from getting bored.  You don’t have to do all the activities on here.  In fact, you don’t have to do any of them if you don’t want to.  They are just fun ideas for you and your grown-ups with lots of things you can have a go at independently without your grown-up’s support.

If you have been doing some of the activities and would like to share them you can comment on the blog.  Just remember that whatever you write will be public so anyone will be able to read or see it.

Writing prompt of the day:  

Creative challenge :

PE activity of the day: 
Try some zumba!

Drawing challenge of the day:  
Have a go at drawing… a castle
You can draw from your imagination, look up pictures to help you or draw from real life if you have one in your home 🙂

Idea for a French activity:  
Practise your French animals.
a dog – un chien                  a snake- un serpent
a cat – un chat                     a tortoise – une tortue
a rabbit- un lapin               a pig – un cochon
a mouse- une souris

You could make a board game with animal pictures on and when you land on the square you have to say that word in French or make a snap game or play charades where you have to guess which animal someone in your family is acting out. This video can help with pronunciation- you can ignore the extra animals on the video or try to learn some

Idea for a Design and Technology activity: 
Design a home exercising machine for a 7-10 year old. It must be fun to use. Draw a picture and label it.

We hope you’ve had a good week and are keeping busy but not working too hard.  We’re looking forward to seeing you all when school is back on.

Miss Hunt and Miss Kay

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