This week in year 4

This week we have been doing some bench ball in PE. It was a lot of fun. We had to pick a person to go be the goalie. The goalie has to stand on the bench and has to catch the ball. If they do catch it, the person that throws the ball goes on the bench as well.

This week we have been doing sports day. We did running, jumping and throwing. Everyone did really well. Some people got 4th and 3rd and 2nd and 1st and there were teams. There was a red team, blue team, green team, and yellow team. The whole school was amazing!


From Heela and Ela

2 comments on “This week in year 4

  1. Julie canavan says:

    Dear ms Johnston

    I will really miss you, you have been my favourite teacher
    One of my best activities were when we pretended we were in the rainforest


  2. emmajohnston says:

    Thank you Fergus, I’ve had such a lovely time teaching you! I also love the rainforest activity – I think it might be one of favourite memories of the year too! No idea where all that water came from though…! Ms Johnston

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