This week in Year 2

In Year 2 this week the children have adapted our learnt postcard to write their own postcards. They followed the structure given and changed parts of the text to make it their own. Next week the children will invent their own postcards and will decorate them for a display in the class. Can your child think of a place they would like to write about next week? Maybe they would like to go underwater, or to outta space! Ask your child what they might do there? What would they eat? How would it make them feel and why?

In maths we have started to look at different methods to add two digit numbers together. The children can use practical resources by making two numbers in Dienes and then counting them altogether. They can also add a multiple of ten using a 100 square, or counting on in tens. They are now learning to partition the numbers and add the tens together and the ones together. Next week we will be focusing on column method.

We will be sending spelling home tomorrow. Please find time when your child can practice writing these words out. We suggest they only try to learn five words at a time. We want it to be fun for the children. In class they draw the words out how they like, in different fonts and colours.

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