This week in Y4

Year 4 blog
By Alex and Harrison
This year we have had the best time with good events and lessons. The teachers have been inspirational and supportive to all of us this year. They have made us more independent then previous years. We now have more knowledge and respect for those around us. Our greatest events have been Ready steady splash, sports day and the school bake off. Additionally, the world cup has been held this year, Ms Reeves has kept us updated on who has been disqualified and who are still in it to win it. We had a quiz on knowledge of flags. Four people in our class also known as Grasshoppers were awarded with a prize as three got thirty-two out of thirty-two!!! Round of applause!! One got twenty-nine out of thirty-two another round of applause!!! Ms Johnston has planned the events accept for sports day and the world cup!!! Another clap for Ms Johnston!!
Ms Johnston has also been kind giving people second chances and has taught us loads all year round.
The people she taught this year are very thankful for the hard work
Thank You!!!
Time to clap.

2 comments on “This week in Y4

  1. Mandi Juliet Appiah says:

    A very full report on your year’s events. Very well written.

  2. What a lovely blog, Alex and Harrison. It sounds as if you have had a great year.

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